LoadSMART truck trailer weighing system


December 2013: LoadSMART develops new application for Milk Tankers

This system is developed specifically for milk tanker drivers so that they can accurately load product into each tank without going over axle group weight limit. The LoadSMART module in housed in a stainless steel enclosure mounted to the side of each trailer. The system monitors each tank independently and displays the information on a colour screen. The driver inputs the product type from a list, e.g. full cream or whey and the screen displays the level of each tank. The driver can also view the axle group weights from the press of a button on the screen.

Read more about the Milk Tanker system in the link below:

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LoadSMART Milk Tanker Series, tank levels

LoadSMART Milk Tanker Series, tank levels

LoadSMART Milk Tanker Series, axle group weights

LoadSMART Milk Tanker Series, axle group weights



November 2013: New Product Release: EM-Series for mining dump trucks.

We are proud to announce the release of EM-Series weighing system dedicated for mining dump trucks. The LoadSMART technology allows the operator to monitor and manage the vehicle payload. Managing payload is vital for a safe, efficient and profitable operation. With no locked-in contracts, LoadSMART offers dump truck operators with a reliable and accurate on-board weighing system that can also be customized to customer requirements.

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