LoadSMART truck trailer weighing system


2013: Rodneys Transport Services

Harold has been driving a Rodneys Transport Services truck and b-double combination with LoadSMART carting grain since September 2010 for over 3 years. From the moment LoadSMART was fitted Harold has experienced how valuable an accurate weighing system like LoadSMART is. Every month Harold does a weighbridge comparison to keep LoadSMART in check and every time he is within 50 kg per axle group.

"Being able to load to maximum weights, maximises payload and therefore maximises income. I can go through checking stations with confidence", says Harold. He has also commented that he is able to load correctly first which saves a lot of time and fuel from having to reload.

2011: Commodity AG

Commodity AG has fitted LoadSMART onto a 90-tonne road-train combination for carting grain across WA. With the use of LoadSMART they have been able to accurately load the trailers to maximise grain weight without incurring overloading penalties.

"We can monitor all weights in real time while the vehicle is being loaded, enabling us to load our trailers to the maximum allowable weight", says Alan from Commodity AG. "At the end of the day, LoadSMART is a quality system that can significantly reduce downtime for our drivers". Read more about LoadSMART / Commodity AG in the link below:

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2009: Shannon Bros Bulk Haulage

Shannon Bros fitted their first LoadSMART H-Series system onto one of their B-Double combination in July 2009 and were immediately impressed with the system and the accuracy. After using the system for 2 months Shannon Bros made an easy decision to fit the LoadSMART system across the fleet.

"The LoadSMART system has just been so accurate and so easy to use which makes life so much easier. Several farmers have told us how impressed they are too. It gives you accurate tare weight and gross weight - that gives farmers a lot of confidence because they know that we are trying to do the right thing by them. Farmers need to know exactly how much grain is leaving their farms, so when they can see an actual net weight instead of a rough figure, it is far more beneficial" says Clayton Shannon of Shannon Bros. Read more about LoadSMART / Shannon Bros in the link below:

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2007: D'abaco Sand Soil and Mini Mix

D'abaco Sand Soil and Mini Mix have been using the LoadSMART on-board weigh system since September 2007 and they are getting exceptional results. Gary (driver) says "the overall vehicle weights are always within 60kg of the weighbridge weight". Gary uses the LoadSMART system on a daily basis to help manage the vehicle loads.

"Its a fantastic weighing system due to its accuracy and ease of use with one touch button application" says Gary.

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